Staying in a Tuscan Borgo: Combining Relaxation and Wine Tasting

Combining historical charm and relaxation is the ideal experience for your vacation in Tuscany: it is a journey into the essence of Tuscany, an immersion in a cultural and historical heritage that exudes authenticity and beauty.

Immersed in this fairy-tale landscape, relaxation becomes inevitable. Enjoy the tranquility of the Tuscan hills, strolling through quiet alleys or relaxing in hidden gardens. But the experience goes further: wine tastings, true sensory poems, transform your stay into a journey of the palate through the rich and complex flavors of renowned Tuscan wines.

In this unique atmosphere, the tasting becomes an opportunity to discover the deep connection between the territory and the wines of Chianti Classico, with vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, kissed by the sun.

Staying at Quercia al Poggio is more than a vacation; it is a celebration of history, culture and taste. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where modernity blends with tradition, where wine is the means to savor the essence of Tuscany. Get ready for a unique experience, where every sip of wine tells an ancient story and every stone holds a secret of the past.

Quercia al Poggio makes this type of vacation possible. Here’s how:

The Charm of an Ancient Tuscan Village.

Our hamlet is typical Tuscan agglomeration built on the base of an old former convent, with a beautiful cobblestone farmyard, stone buildings and breathtaking views of the hills tell ancient stories. Every stone tells of past stories, of traditions passed down and of a culture rooted in the land.

Quercia al Poggio bears witness to bygone eras, the characteristic central body preserving the typical architecture and traditions. A small chapel inside, a large square in the inner courtyard and the white roads leading to the other structures capture the essence of a time when life flowed by following slow rhythms, in tune with the surrounding nature.

The Staying Experience:

“Simplicity is the highest refinement,” a motto by Leonardo Da Vinci that we wanted to make our philosophy of being, vision and way of life. We believe that the environment that surrounds us and in which we live is a harmonious whole that we wanted to enhance, leaving the outward appearance of the rural buildings of yesteryear untouched. Enriching them, for example by allowing ample space for the development of ivy leaning against the exterior walls and wild grasses and flowers, was only the natural continuation of our way of seeing and containing things.

Villa Cappella and Villa Proneta, the two residential bodies, differ in aesthetics, but not in the comfort they offer. Their design and care preserve the simplicity of the original, but at the same time guard a touch of elegance and modernity that reflects our desire to harmoniously blend past and present. The inherent beauty of nature and traditional architecture is thus contained and preserved, offering anyone staying there an authentic and refined experience.

During your stay you can book a tasting of our organic Chianti Classico wines, Vinsanto and our extra virgin olive oil. Find out which tasting you prefer >

Wine tasting in the village of Quercia al Poggio

Our wine and food experiences offer a compelling journey through the culture of Chianti and Tuscany, culminating in a full immersion in the flavors of our region. Our guided winery and estate wine tours and tastings are a unique opportunity to explore the roots of our passion and dedication to sustainable viticulture.

Our deep connection with the Chianti and Tuscan terroir is the beating heart of our winery, guiding us toward an organic and biodynamic vocation. This commitment was our first step, an obligatory step, but also a natural step in accordance with our thinking and vision of sustainability and respect for the land.

The guided tour begins with an exploration of our farm, where you will breathe in the fresh air of the Tuscan hills and admire landscapes that embody centuries of agricultural tradition. Continuing into the winery, we will take you through the winemaking process, explaining the techniques we use to preserve the authentic quality of our wines.

The wine tour will guide you through the vineyards, allowing you to experience firsthand the beauty of our terroir. Here, you will have the opportunity to understand our organic and biodynamic approach to viticulture, which results in the production of high-quality grapes while respecting the natural balance of the environment.

A journey that will take you not only into the ancient history of the village but also into the modern one. Here traditions have remained unchanged to this day and great attention is paid to the synergy and harmony between wine and food, a balance that we also seek in the production of the wine itself. The tasting is not just a simple journey through our wines, but for our guests it represents a pleasant discovery of a special and unique world.

The tastings, the culmination of this sensory journey, will introduce you to the complex and enveloping flavors of our wines, the result of the dedication and passion we pour into each bottle. Each sip tells the story of our land, its traditions and our commitment to sustainable production.

As part of this journey, our guided tour becomes an experience that goes beyond simple wine tasting; it is an invitation to immerse yourself in Tuscan food and wine culture, preserving and passing on the traditions that make Chianti a unique place in the world. We are pleased to open the doors of our winery and estate, inviting you to share with us the beauty and authenticity of our corner of Tuscany.

A location in the heart of postcard-perfect Chianti Classico

Quercia al Poggio is a characteristic Tuscan farm, built on the basis of a former convent, located among the green hills in one of the most beautiful and vocated areas for the production of one of the most famous types of wines in the world: Chianti Classico.

Our Wine Tours & Tastings


An overture, a simple but introductory tasting into the characteristic notes of our organic wines.
It includes a tour of the winery with tasting of our products:

  • Two types of wine (Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva)
  • Chianti Classico Vinsanto with cantucci biscuits
  • Extra virgin olive oil on crusty bread


An experience in the true typicality of Tuscany. Unique and characteristic flavors of the cuisine meet with our organic products.
First a tour of the winery followed by wine tasting:

  • Two types of wine (Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva)
  • Chianti Classico Vinsanto with cantucci biscuits
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil on crusty bread

TUSCAN TAGLIERE: with cured meats and cheeses with honey


A complete Tuscan food and wine experience where all your senses will be part of a journey into emotions and taste.
After a complete tour of the estate, everyone comes to the table for a fantastic tasting:

  • Three types of wine (Chianti Classico Annata and Riserva, Ciliegiolo IGT or Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Quercia al Poggio vineyards “Le Cataste”)
  • Chianti Classico Vinsanto with cantucci biscuits
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil on crusty bread

LIGHT LUNCH: Tuscan cold cuts, cheese with honey, mixed crostini, a first course, tasting with Extra Virgin Olive Oil on crusty bread, Vinsanto del Chianti Classico with cantucci.

The tour requires a minimum of 6 participants.

Come and live a unique experience. Combine your passion for wine with relaxation in a typical historic Tuscan setting.